Scott Sigler

This morning I read an interview of Scott Sigler, a New York Times Best-selling author.

Not someone that I’ve heard of before since I’m not really a fan of science-fiction/horror but I thought the way he found success was really interesting.

As I understand it, in 2005 as a unpublished author, Sigler recorded an audio version of his novel(read by himself) split it into episodes and released it via podcast. “Earthcore became the world’s first podcast-only novel” achieving over 10,000 listeners by the time the last episode was aired.

I think it’s really impressive and obviously did the job. For all those interested in the thriller/horror/sci-fi genre, you should check out his website You’ll find plenty of free audio books available to listen to, links to buy his novels in print and an author dedicated to his fans.

Even I’m temped to see what he’s all about.



One thought on “Scott Sigler

  1. Scott Sigler says:

    Oh, be tempted, BE TEMPTED!

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