The never ending road to writing a book…

I was on a roll typing up the first draft of my first attempt at a novel. Though, every time I loaded up my document a heavy weight formed on my shoulders. I read parts of it and realised it was no best seller but looked past this and ploughed on knowing that if I don’t do the work I will never have anything to improve.

I’ve been waiting a week (it may turn into two) as I’ve read it’s best to edit your work with fresh eyes, to edit as a reader not the writer. I’ve got some books together that are on all aspects of writing and I’m planning on studying them so that I’m completely prepared to improve my work and not just spend hours changing it.

It’s so overwhelming trying to create something that others will want to read, something that would be as good as the books I read. I want it to be one of those you’re not able to put down, one that stays in your hand as you eat, cook and clean.

It’s going to be a much bigger job to get my book anywhere near that stage and I’m starting to appreciate the effort authors put into their books. Now every time I read something I like, I think of the author slaving away for hours putting everything they have into it.   

I’d like to say thank you to all of those people out there dedicating their time to creating something for others.


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