About me

I’m 25. I’m not an aspiring writer or a ‘real’ writer but somewhere in between. I love to write but also hate it. When I was little I wanted to be a journalist thanks to the New adventures of superman. I’ve since moved on to bigger and better dreams and hope to (one day) become a successful author.

By day I work in Administration and by night I’m arguing through my characters. (If it wasn’t on paper, I’m sure people would question my sanity.)

I’ve tried my hand at freelancing and I’ve had several pieces of Flash Fiction published. The list of things I want to write is becoming longer each day, (I’m beginning to wonder if I should have it laminated? lol) I only wish I could read/write/type as fast as Clark Kent.

I’ve been working on my book for a year now and can almost, almost see the end of the finish line, if only the line would stop moving. That’s basically my life right now. Write, sleep, eat, work, walk the dog.


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