The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life – Kerry Reichs

I’ve just finished reading this book another that I found with the help of a review from A good book about a woman who attending an extreme number of weddings, in the beginning enjoying them and by the end struggled with her own ideas of what romance/love etc should be and deciding she doesn’t want to get married herself.

Overall it was funny and different but what I like the most was when I got a part of the way through the book I noticed their was a talking cockatiel, his favourite saying “Road trip, don’t forget the bird”, this rung bells in my head. I remembered that I had read a Kerry Reichs book before. I thought maybe she had a thing for birds but as I got further into the story I realised that although the characters were different, the story was about a member of the same family from the other book I’d read. I looked into it and going by the characters ages this is the first book and ‘Leaving Unknown’ was the second.

I loved the idea that the two books were linked and have never known anyone else to do this in the same way. The book isn’t a sequel, it focuses on the sister of the girl in the other book. Completely different lives and stories but it made me feel closer to the story having kind of deeper insight into their world and lives. I already knew bits and pieces about some of the characters from the other book, it was weird, but nice and even though I read the books in the wrong order, reading about the character from the other book, through the eyes of the character in this book was kind of like catching a glimpse of someone long after their story had finished.

The first book ‘Leaving Unknown’ or ‘The good luck girl’ as it’s named in England, is funny, quirky and the main character is so loveable. The story is of a girl who decides she is going to take a road trip to a load of strangely name places around America. It’s a good story but nothing like I expected. I was gripped from the beginning, though all through it I felt there was something odd about the character, something that was hidden or held back.Then later in the story the character relieved something that came completely out of left field. It niggled at me but I liked that for once (I presume this was deliberate) the reader wasn’t meant to know everything about the main character, we find out at the same time as the other characters instead of knowing the whole time and wondering when the characters will find out themselves.

It wasn’t exactly a twist but more of something that wasn’t expected but at the same time, thinking back over the character’s behaviour, the way she is and the way she thinks, ‘the not twist’ completely makes sense, and then I felt guilty for ever thinking her ways were good/funny/quirky and lighthearted when looking at the whole picture they really weren’t

Read it, it’s great. It was the first girly book i’d picked up in a long while and it was a refreshing change from the English chick lit I was reading at the time. I was impressed and I’m itching to spoil it for you but then you wouldn’t go and read it and it’s really worth reading yourselves.


“Welcome to my world”

I’ve just finished reading Miranda Dickinson’s Welcome to my world and I loved it. It’s been a while since I’ve felt really satisfied after reading a girly book. This chick lit book isn’t so much about romance like the rest and it’s not all perfect characters with perfect lives. It was a good story, the characters are charming and a little different from the norm in this sort of genre, they were interesting and real. They were definitely different from the bog standard 2D characters i usually find myself reading about, but all the same I felt like I really knew them.The setting wasn’t a big city where everything is exciting and perfect but it’s a place you can imagine clearly even if you’ve never been anywhere like it. It’s a place that feels like home, the characters invite you in and make you feel welcome.

What i most enjoyed about this book was the fresh description. Although, I’ve not read anything I thought had boring description, the words on these pages really stood out to me. It’s the first time I’ve read a book where I’d really noticed the descriptions/metaphors/similes(not because i don’t normally) I kept finding myself thinking ‘that’s a really good way of writing it’ or ‘i wouldn’t of thought of putting it like that’. I loved how original those were(though i can’t think of any off the top of my head. Will add some at a later date) and how easily I was able to see what the author was showing me.

I really recommend reading it and if you’re not into chick lit, read it anyway because it’s a great example of originality, it’s been a while since I’ve read about someone or some place, written so well I could almost reach out and touch it.

I went back through the book, below are a few snippets of description that I particularly enjoyed reading.

“Large spots of rain began to pepper her head and shoulders, catching the light from the street lamp as they fell; a shower of shimmering crystals splashing around her as she remained frozen to the spot.”

“The sun was beginning to dip behind the early evening clouds, gilding everything in rich golden light.”

“Brazilian rainforest canopies, throwing spotlights of pure gold onto the forest floor hundreds of feet below.”

“Outback Australia, its surface cracked by the scorching sun and peppered with skeletal frames of weather-beaten trees..”

“When their lips meet, its like a billion shooting stars colliding, filling every atom of darkness with shimmering light.”