I don’t know how long it’s been…

I’m finally coming to the end of the third draft of my book. I feel like I’ve reached a huge milestone but at the same time there’s miles and miles of late nights and endless buckets of instant coffee to get through.

I’ve heard of these writers that can knock out a book in a few months, not with several drafts to go but a little tweaking.(not jealous at all! lol) How many years of experience/how much talent will it take to get to that point?!

Nearly a year on, I’m fitting in as many writing hours as possible into everyday and I’m actually getting somewhere. It’s like the first time I’ve seen my work as an actual story. The 76,000 odd words have turned themselves into what I believe is a legible story, but now I’m worrying that no matter how much sweat/blood/tears/coffee rings(I finally understand the true meaning) have and will go into completely the book, it still might not be good/interesting/satisfying enough to potential readers.

Fingers crossed that this time next month I’ll be significantly closer to completion rather than discovering I need another couple of drafts to get it up to scratch. Wish me luck…..or patience.